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• Teaching hundreds of improv classes, combining rigor and fun

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About Our Artistic Improv Director in Bethesda, MD

Gary Jacobs is an improv director in Bethesda, MD, that has been teaching, producing, and directing improv for 31 years. He now teaches internationally, as well as on both the East and West Coasts. Students routinely give Gary rave reviews, citing his passion for teaching, commitment to excellence, pinpoint, honest feedback, and depth of knowledge. In April of 2009, Gary taught sold-out workshops in Auckland, New Zealand, at the Covert Theater and in Christchurch, New Zealand, at the Court Theater. His last eight workshops in Bethesda, Little Washington, Virginia, and Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and Ventura, California, were also sold out.

When you’re searching for an experienced improv teacher, look no further than Precipice Improv Theater. Director Gary Jacobs is passionate about his work and is eager to share this unique opportunity with aspiring improv actors. He is continually pushing the boundaries of these spontaneous plays to create unforgettable shows for every audience. Join us to see theater in a new light and make memories that you’ll carry for years to come.

Improving Your Craft

Attend Gary’s improv workshops and see if you have what it takes to put on a successful, completely improvised performance. You’ll learn to create characters in real-time, quickly adapt to the ever-changing situations around you, and react to the performances of your fellow cast members. We strive to maintain a fun, playful environment where aspiring creative individuals can find the freedom to express their ideas.

Making Improv More Accessible

While improv theater isn’t for everyone, we make it as accessible as possible, no matter your level of experience. At Precipice Improv Theater, you can free your imagination and bring your wildest ideas to life, whether you’re a participant or an observer. Improv director Gary Jacobs pours his passion for the arts into every performance, so you’re sure to leave the venue with a smile on your face.

What do Students say About Precipice's Classes?

"In the past six months in Gary's class, I have portrayed a father, son, grandson, husband, and lover, a massage therapy student, a burglar and a deli worker. I've been in a submarine, on the moon, in a cemetery, at the beach, at a campsite, on a fishing pier, at a wedding, in the aforementioned jail, at a fortune teller, at an island resort, at a bowling alley and at the prom. This is just a tiny sample of characters and settings that one can expect to experience in Gary's class.

I so look forward to every class. They are, of course, fun; but, they are also challenging, thought-provoking, insightful, sometimes frustrating, but always entertaining. The camaraderie is incredible. The support from my classmates makes it possible for me to take risks and succeed (more often as time goes on) or look like an idiot (more often than I'd like, but I'm getting used to it). Gary's approach to improv is what makes this possible. His encouragement and mantra (anyone can improvise) and his coaching are so supportive, providing an atmosphere conducive to learning how to improvise a play and, as Gary says, to "make great art."

Does it work? Absolutely. In the short time I've been in Gary's class, I've noticed that the quality of our work has dramatically improved. It's not easy. There's much more to trying to improvise an entire play than one might think. The feeling of accomplishment experienced after a particularly satisfying class is well worth the time and effort. " — Mark B.

"I was always jealous of my friends who had an 'artistic outlet' - a way to express themselves outside of work and family. " — Julie S.

"I discovered that Gary Jacobs' Precipice Improv Theater was holding classes in Bethesda. I had been looking for a new creative outlet and just wanted to have more fun, so I signed up.

My first impression of Gary's Improv class was that it was like an adult summer camp. The warm up exercises are a hoot - fun things that I wouldn't get to do in everyday life. The classes give me a chance to forget about my responsibilities and to focus solely on what is right in front of me. What a luxury! Gary is a "boost your ego" type of a person. He is encouraging, challenging, and very adept at finding the next level where his students can express themselves in a safe environment.

After eight months in Gary's class, I can appreciate how the experience has helped move me out of my 'comfort zone.' Working with Gary and the other Improv students has made me much more spontaneous in my work, in which I interact with the public doing marketing and training. It has helped me to be much more present to my customers' needs and questions. As a result, I feel more engaged in my work and even a bit more light-hearted.

Who would have guessed that Improv would have such a positive influence on the rest of my life and on my ability to enter new situations with greater confidence? The benefits have been invaluable and surprising.

I have learned so much about being 'in the moment', supporting my partner, getting out of my head, and letting go of my own ideas in order to be completely present to what is. Very Zen! What a lesson for life." — Renee P.