Precipice Improv Theater



Free sample classes Sunday afternoons at 3 pm 

Precipice Performs Fri. & Sat. nights  Jan. 11, 12, 18, & 19 at 8:30 pm

at Imagination Stage in Bethesda 

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Improv Performances In Bethseda, MA 

For 20 years, Precipice Improvisational Theater has presented cutting-edge
comedy improv performances in Bethseda, MA, Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia 

What makes Precipice Improv unique?

Precipice improvises full-length comic plays from audience suggestions. 

"It's not theater like you've ever seen before. It's not comfortable and controlled. It's edgy and spontaneous, original and downright dangerous." 
- From the American University Eagle review 

Curious how it works? Learn more on our Interview page, our Workshop page, and a Gazette article.

And check out our performance schedule

Precipice Improv Theater - Improv Performances Bethseda, MA

Precipice Improv Theater - Comedy Improv Bethseda, MA

Precipice Improv Theater - Full-Length Improvised Comic Plays Bethseda, MA

Precipice creates original, never-seen-before and never-to-be-seen again, full-length improvised comic plays.

Experience the excitement of witnessing a new 
comic play created from audience suggestions.

What kind of suggestions? Two completely unrelated locations. Locations so different that Shakespeare himself would have a hard time weaving them into a story. (We like the challenge.)

How unpredictable does it get?
Shows from last season included "The Greek Island and the College Admissions Office" and "Home Depot and the Earth-bound Meteor".

What will our next play be about?
Only you know. Come to the show ready to suggest a favorite location to play your role in creating the performance!

Here's what audience members say about our shows:

"Inspired, multi-chakra, nutty! What lunatic asylum did they escape from and is there room for the rest of us?" - Kelly Cresap

"The cast was so talented I was floored. They made improv look so easy. It flowed as well as a scripted play, but had more energy because it was not."

"Utter brilliance. From chaos and anarchy comes forth wit and jocularity. An experience which was titillating, grandiose and magnificent." Holly Barany

"Great show! Sensitive and creative, human and funny. A unique theatrical experience I will always remember." - Carol Bausell

"The show was funny. I really liked it. And I'm only 10." Sarah Buffington "

I truly enjoyed every second of the always! You guys are the best! As I've told my friends many times before, what you do off the top of your heads is better than many written plays out there!" - Josh Holober-Ward

"Precipice improv brings wit, warmth, and a deadeye aim for edge and timing to its spontaneous productions." - Wilson Dizard "

It was a great performance. Quite professional. Very original and in the NOW." Ron Powers

"Spontaneous and hilarious. The stamina of these characters and their energy makes me want to drink whatever they are." Alysha Sideman

"Ephemeral, in the moment brilliant madness. We loved it and can't wait for the next season!" - Dan and Bob

"So creative. I loved it! Great talent! I'll be back." - Patricia DiVecchio

Come join us - we promise it will be fun! See the Show Details page for show times and tickets.

Precipice has been creating improvised plays since 1996.